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July, 20 2021

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Experienced coaches and athletes have an advantage with that experience which allows them to anticipate a variety of situations. What to do next, when to shift, where to go when something familiar presents itself. Experience allows individuals the chance to make educated decisions and to feel confident in their assumptions. However, there are risks in making assumptions.

Operating without proof can lead us down a path that is ineffective or even harmful. A path that does not support our coaches or engage our athletes.

Knowing which stressors are influencing your team can allow you to attend to the issue and ultimately bring out the best in your athletes.

The past year has taught us a lot. We have overcome a great deal and learned that we can adjust, pivot, and change while managing uncertainty. And uncertainty is everywhere in sport. Admittedly, we made many assumptions when sport started to shift, we speculated around the challenges our athletes would be facing and expected to see specific areas of stress show up far more than others. Very early on we realized that we were off. The stressors we expected to see increase did not and were replaced by stressors that were not quite on our radar.

It's difficult to make educated decisions on where to go next based on assumptions alone.

Remove the guesswork with hone

Thankfully we had an advantage. Throughout the past year, we have had many teams and athletes using the HONE app. With the use of the dynamic HONE data, our assumptions were quickly dismissed. We had the ability to see where our athletes were feeling the most stress and accurately address specific team needs. Ultimately, our teams no longer aimlessly attempted to support their athletes, they knew exactly what was happening and what needed to be done to help them through their challenges.

Research has informed us that there are athlete-specific stressors that impact performance. Stressors that are occurring in the lives of athletes, whether within or outside of sport, that can have an influence on how they show up to their sport. Knowing which stressors are influencing your team can allow you to attend to the issue and ultimately bring out the best in your athletes.

What is Hone

Don’t let unknown stress keep your team from greatness. HONE in with the digital platform for improved sports culture and performance. Be better informed around the factors that specifically impact athlete mental health and see the culture as part of the solution.

The HONE app monitors your team across 7 sport specific mental health stressors which allow you to support your team in areas specifically impacting them:

1. Time Constraints

2. Pressure

3. Criticism

4. Relationships

5. Disconnection

6. Fatigue

7. Overall Wellbeing

Take the advantage

When you know specifically what is happening for your athletes you have the ability to address the issues. The mental game goes far beyond the sport itself. A healthy, happy athlete is more likely to succeed than one who is struggling silently. This is true for both the physical and mental aspects of the individual. Supporting athletes from a mental health perspective not only cares for the individual but their performance as well.



Watch psychotherapists and Hone founders, Jessica Renney and Paula McQuaid, in this informative webinar as they discuss how you can be a source of support to those who are struggling.


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